Series Preview: White Sox @ Rays

When Thome left to check out the rival Twins ahead of the 2010 season, General Manager Kenny Williams and Manager Ozzie Guillen decided the following the designated hitter slot as easy methods to get bench players at bats. Different players hit in the designated hitter slot for Guillen last season but without the flexibility production they were used for.

With Wood pitching Sunday night for your Cubs in the final bet on the first half and Crain currently injured, the introductions likely would emerge as highlight of your night for Chicago. But then, enter lefty sale jerseys from the bullpen. Sale entered the overall game as a relief pitcher after the starter with the game Max Scherzer only pitched one inning. Sale then pitched the second and third innings facing six batters and retiring all eight.

Granted, Ohman certainly isn’t god-awful against lefties-his 2.84 career FIP vs. LH lets us know that. And saying he’s superfluous to the roster is a little of an overstatement; I’d rather get him on the roster than Williams or, say, Anthony Carter. A mediocre right-handed free agent reliever may are usually a better addition towards the team, but hey, if Will Ohman is probably the most questionable move Kenny Williams made this offseason.I’d say that’s a very good offseason.

Most run production really should from the 1-5 spots in the lineup. Sure, Juan Pierre could have better on-base skills, but for the team’s roster, he’s the ideal leadoff batter. If Pierre can replicate his .341 OBP from 2010, he’ll in the least be appreciated.

Peavy says he will be at 60-70 percent heading into spring training, so his velocity inclines to be lower than usual as his arm & shoulder regain strength. If he’s throwing 94 mph on his fastball using the end of spring, maybe there’s possibility to he returns sooner than early Can easily. But if his fastball is barely scraping 90 mph or is losing velocity early into outings, it can be a longer road past.

Those same fans see instant replay as more of a nuisance than very. Once instant replay is used by Major League Baseball for starters set of calls so if will it end? Will replay be employed only on close plays at home plate or determining if a ball was really fair or foul? What if, in the bottom of the ninth of a close game, a pitch is termed as ball that appeared for being a strike? Will that be reviewed?

Yaziel Puig currently has singlehandedly been breathing life in into the lethargic Dodgers. He is on a batting grab. The Diamondbacks pitcher singled him out, threw at him and he was hit in the nose. Fortunately, a tragedy did not result, but a brawl erupted.

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